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In short about camping

Today’s organized pace of life in people awakens adventure, the desire to spontaneously stay in nature and to socialize in a primordial way with family, friends or like-minded people. This movement is called “caravanning”, which grows and gathers more and more lovers over the years.

As camping is inextricably linked to nature, so is the awareness of nature conservation associated with this movement, and this is evident in every product made for this purpose. An increase in the number of caravans and campers results in columns of urban nomads aiming to stay in some far away place, but in complete comfort regardless of the distance from their home.

That is why the goal of every manufacturer is to make a mobile home on wheels in which every day, hour or minute is pure adventure adventure. The Bauer Group, in conjunction with Adria, allows you to make camping your lifestyle. Don’t hesitate, take a look at our offer!