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Hi! My name is Linda and I’m a member of Woman in Adria. How appropriate … in Adria, otherwise it is the brand of camper we travel with. Slovenian by mom and dad but Lord has strange plans and 9 years ago I came to live in Croatia. They say that my compass was “stuck” and turned south instead of north. Convenient yes.

Where to begin. Short description. I have no peace, I love to travel, I love animals, peace and culture, history and cities with hidden streets, islands with mysterious villages, hosts with a smile on their faces, homemade food and strange things. Yes weird indescribable things. Let’s say a camper trip. Why is it weird for sure you ask? Why, in the Croats, this is relatively strange, unusual, very eager and simply strange in the same breath. Especially for women. If I were a man going to Russia for a football game or Munich to Oktoberfest, oh yes, it can.

I first met a camper 8 years ago and it was love at first sight, really. At that time I knew absolutely nothing about it at first, absolutely nothing. But I felt that was it. That freedom afforded by the camper mode of travel is indescribable.

Our travels were at the beginning, those classic routes of Tuscany with Siena, then the lakes of Austria and Germany, then Slovenia, Bosnia, etc. so we started looking for new places, villages, markets and enjoying every moment. Our friends have all been watching us wonder why I am dragging a little kid with me that the walls of castles, church, museums are completely uninteresting in. But I have to write to you, they were very wrong. Of the trip, most of all remember this and of course Legoland. This is a must-see if you have a young child, or there you become a small child. We could find all the proofreading heroes in the places where they lived, the cities and some facts related to the areas of the first and second st. We found the war, showed what the volcano on Etna looks like, where Ana Frank lived, where the Pope’s home is, and how much the Pizza Tower really slopes. Da Sv. Francis still has more peace in his church, where he is buried than the almost tourist-filled Fatima or Lourdes, that the Eagle’s Nest is much more visited than the Mafia Museum in Corleone, Sicily, that the delicacy of the sea urchin in the Saracuza market is much better than the cannellon in Taormina. And so much more to remember for a lifetime.

At first, I was a little skeptical about the woman’s amount of water in the camper, whether it was enough or where to get a new one, how to cook in such a small kitchen, I don’t have dishwashers, and the like. Ok I told myself. We won’t wash so much, I carry frozen food in the freezer, cans, so there will be less dishes to wash. But all these doubts disappear in a few days. Water can be poured on almost any gas station and also empty the toilet, eat at markets, local restaurants and enjoy local cuisine. We often bring something home and serve our friends for tasting. We always buy a few bottles of local wine, some souvenirs, and of course take a large amount of photos. These will be for those long days when we retire.

When you’re traveling the world you’re never alone, that’s for sure. Wherever we live, we always get to know the locals, get help if need be, and I’m not afraid of something happening to us. When you bury yourself in mud or sand, when you refuel at midnight, when you have a high fever, or when you simply go astray. There’s always someone here to help.

My son used to love cartoons when he was little… that was a problem for me as a mom, so we always tried to make arrangements. The camper had electricity so he could watch while we were driving and he was active with us for part of the day. There’s also our dog who adores when we’re together. He knows when we’re packing for the trip and he knows he’s coming with us. Try yours too. We are a community, one and that is how the camper family functions, as one. We plan our roads together, we see that it is something interesting for everyone, we talk about food, activities and even get angry together and discuss who is right.

Visit the world, the border is almost gone. The boundaries are only within you, remove them.